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With so many alternatives available, why should your daughter

consider the Lady Knicks AAU Program?

Experienced Non-Parent Coaching Staff – Our program combines the talents of experienced coaches with a variety basketball backgrounds including college, high school, and AAU. The Lady Knicks coaching staff works together to bring quality instruction and game coaching to all of our teams. Our coaches do not coach multiple teams - each team has their own head coach. We believe that parents coaching their daughters creates a difficult environment for instruction; we invite skilled parent coaches to join our staff as long as their daughters play for one of our other coaches.

Realistic Expectations – The Lady Knicks staff makes no untruthful claims or promises that cannot be kept. Unfortunately, some organizations create unrealistic expectations regarding college placement and use the temptation of college scholarships as a recruiting tool. The Lady Knicks pride ourselves in teaching the skills of the game and providing appropriate showcase exposure. We will lend our expertise and experience in assisting with college placement, but make no mistake – your daughter’s skill, ability and classwork is what will earn her a spot on a college roster. We do not make guarantees or promises that are unrealistic, we assist you.

Recognizable Organization - The WBA Lady Knicks is one of the most respected and well known girls' AAU programs. Our considerable alumnae base extends throughout all levels of collegiate basketball and we have maintained ongoing and fruitful relationships with many Division 1, 2 and 3 coaching staffs.

Tournament Schedule – Our experienced staff selects the most competitive and appropriate tournament schedule for each team.  Younger teams tend to play a more local schedule, competing at the most appropriate levels.  Our older teams play a schedule that includes travel to college showcase events to enhance recruiting visibility. Each team’s schedule will be selected based on appropriate level of play.

Compatibility – We draw players from many high schools and youth programs and as such we work to maintain positive relationships with all programs. We endeavor to work with local coaches and do not believe in the overlap of the high school and AAU seasons. Our high school tryouts do not take place during playoffs; any players in extended playoff season will be evaluated outside of the try out process.

Style of Play – Throughout the last 30 years, the Lady Knicks have participated in the evolution of girls’ basketball. In that time, the style of play has dramatically changed to a fast paced, up-tempo game.  We have always taught fast break style that displays our athleticism and mastery of skills.  We strictly play man defense and utilize full court defense as much as possible. 

Practice Structure – Each coach plans their practices with fundamental development and player improvement in mind.  All of our teams practice in the same facility on the same nights. This creates a positive learning environment with many coaches available to lend their expertise. Younger teams will focus on skill training and conditioning; our older teams will also focus on skill training and conditioning as well, but will add more advanced basketball concepts. We schedule two practices per week for each team and contract for gym time for the entire season.